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one dad's battle with a two year old and boredom

Where Have I Been?

Wow – have a new kid and everything goes to hell. It has been an adjustment to say the least, but at least now my mind is finally clear enough to make some sort of sense of the last month or so.

Baby Margaret is fine. By that I mean he is recovered from surgery. He is still pretty grunty, sleepy, cranky, and perpetually starving. So, I would say back to normal…


for him anyway….

My wife is getting close to returning to work, which is great news. Don’t get me wrong – I have mostly enjoyed her being home, but when is the last time you have spent all day, everyday, for the last 2 months with your spouse? To top off all the quality time we have been forced to spend together, one of us is on vacation, and one of us has all but given up on trying to find some sort of routine so I can live my life with some sort of normalcy. For example, my wife unilaterally thought it would be a good idea to get V a bunny for her birthday/Easter.


I mean, she told me about the bunny – but only after she told V she could get one if she wanted.



I have also been a real stickler about keeping V in her routine. You know, dinner at the same time, bath time at the same time, etc. But tonight my wife turned dinner into Spring Break part 2.


To clarify, it is apple juice and the last clean plastic cup we had in the house.

Oh, and V has spent the last week celebrating her 3rd birthday. Hopefully, I will be able to tell you about it soon, but I would like to highlight some changes I have noticed first.

First of all, her memory has really improved. We now spend our afternoons reenacting Cinderella and Snow White. It was fun the first time, but it is getting old. First of all, V demands I stay true to the script. There is no room for improvisation, and I just do not have the freedom to make the character my own. Secondly, I always have to be the witch or the stepmother. She always gets to be the lead.

The other thing I’ve noticed is her use of sarcasm. I was unaware sarcasm began at 3. I try not to encourage it, but tonight at dinner, I couldn’t hold in my laughter. My wife asked V what the favorite part of her day was. V asked us to give her our hands, squeezed them gently, and with the cheesiest grin said, “Just spending time with you was the best part of my day.” It would have been sweet had her cheesy smile not immediately turned into a mischievous smirk.

I would love to tell more stories, but I have to go clean up rabbit shit so we can get ready for V’s fifth 3rd birthday.

But before I go, let me say that my wife is doing great. V said she is the best colorer in her class : )


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